Real Estate Law

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We have extensive experience in the area of Real Estate Law.

Rüdiger Rattay has advised on notarial real estate transactions for many years and records these transactions.

Jan Becher has advised on many large scale real estate transactions over the years, in particular for international investors and banks. Furthermore, Jan Becher worked for a large watchmaking and jewelry company where he supervised and negotiated its lease agreements worldwide. He also records real estate transactions as a Notary Public.

With our experience we advise investors on real estate investments and on the conclusion of lease agreements. We also advise commercial tenants on the negotiation of new and existing lease agreements and assist in the review of the tenant’s portfolio.

The Law of Succession and Real Estate Law frequently go together as the largest asset of our clients very frequently is a property. Future testators and heirs seek our help in establishing adequate and tax-saving succession planning; this may require a transaction inter vivos.