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Litigation and Arbitration


There are sometimes situations of conflict in the lives of individuals, companies and organizations. Frequently one can avoid expensive litigation and arbitration by analyzing the litigation chances realistically upfront and by agreeing a commercially reasonable solution between the parties. We are able to give a sober evaluation of the legal situation and the evidence and to assist in negotiations. If no agreement can be reached out of court we represent you with resolve in litigation or arbitration proceedings. We do not conduct litigation in all areas but only in such areas where we have specialist knowledge. These are the following:

Law of Succession: In particular we specialize in probate disputes. It is difficult to list all the scenarios which may come about here. There are disputes between beneficiaries and with people who claim to be beneficiaries, disputes about gifts, disputes about obligatory shares and many others. One thing is important though: In all these disputes material things matter, but not alone: In nearly all instances the history of the family matters too. We are well aware that empathy and the ability to read a family situation appropriately are required besides legal skills;

Property law: Disputes regarding rights of way, easements and collateral on properties; land registry issues;

Tenancy and Leasing Law: We advise on landlord and tenant disputes. Jan Becher is moreover specialized in the field of leasing and was also a member of the legal committee of the Association of German Leasing Companies;

Insurance law: Jan Becher is the author of several publications in transport law and conducts litigation in insurance cases;

(International) Commercial Litigation: On the back of his international experience, especially his many years in England, Jan Becher is a sought after lawyer for commercial litigation cases, especially such of an international nature. His advice is sought where there is a dispute with foreign suppliers and customers as well as with debtors who have moved abroad.