Law of Succession


The Law of Succession deals with the question as to what happens to the assets, rights and obligations of a deceased person. One ought not to start considering the Law of Succession upon the death of a person but ought to plan succession during a person`s lifetime. By transferring assets during the life of a person and by concluding appropriate contractual agreements, a person`s estate may be controlled. This also ensures optimum results with regard to any inheritance tax.

As a notary Rüdiger Rattay is an independent and neutral arbiter for all parties concerned in advising on the planning of succession and the conclusion of contracts, wills and powers of attorney.

As solicitors we advise you on exercising your rights in an inheritance matter.

In all these disputes material things matter, but not alone: In nearly all instances the history of the family matters too. We are well aware that empathy and the ability to read a family situation appropriately are required besides legal skills.