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Estate management

Only where an estate is dealt with competently, the estate may pass on to the next generation smoothly. But what is there to do if the structure of the estate is complex or if there are potential differences between the beneficiaries? By appointing an executor you will be able to govern from heaven. Appointing an executor ensures that your wishes are adhered to. Every beneficiary receives exactly that part of the estate that you want the beneficiary to receive. Moreover, you simplify the process for the beneficiaries as the executor will also complete all formalities. An executor will sell or rent out your real estate, will take suitable steps to preserve your business, will take care of your foreign assets and will also submit any inheritance tax declarations.

With our extensive experience in administering large and complex estates, we will be happy to act as your executor. Courts also appoint us as executors. Guido Rühl is, moreover, frequently appointed by courts as administrator of estates where heirs cannot be found.

We are also happy to serve as executors for the administration of estates of artists. Inheritances from artists often find the beneficiaries unprepared. This frequently makes it almost impossible to administer the estate and to preserve the afterlife of the artist. History however shows that the afterlife of an artist depends on the administration of his estate. For art, careful estate planning is as important as it is for a business. In order to achieve this we advise artists, their beneficiaries and owners of large art collections.